Most profs will HAPPILY share their articles etc. with students & researchers. Not all.

I'm currently in conversation with another prof who refuses to share a chapter he published earlier this year in an edited book (not available through my uni) unless I pay/write a book review.

It's his right to refuse, I have no problems with that (not sure how this is good for him, but 🤷🏻‍♀️).

But I'm perplexed by how dear he holds Routledge's right to make money. #AcademicPublishing is truly messed up.

Recent convos haven't focused on equity benefits of
the Chicago Transit Authority's proposed
Red Line Ext which could be transformative along the corridor & benefit Chi as a whole. We can take an important step against selective austerity by supporting the RLE TIF (DM for paywall issues)

Still updating geographers on Mastodon list, which is growing steadily These entries are also being added to codeberg list (with slight delay) where you can bulk follow folks If you want to be added let me know details. I'm not adding folks where the account is effectively anonymous #geography #geographers

Hi all, I'm seeing efforts by different disciplines moving out of twitter to reconnect on Mastodon. Lets try to do this for urban/housing twitter!

Please fill out this form if you are a journalist, student, practitioner, or scholar of cities, urban planning, housing, urbanism, etc.

And, if you want to see the list, the spreadsheet is here:

Please circulate/boost in your networks! #urban #twittermigration #housing #cities #gentrification

Police increase=Costly, ineffective and racist approach to transit safety...
spending millions on security w limited oversight and wasting $ on higher fare gates. Alt approaches possible (social workers, improved service) and collectively city needs quote RT of Keegan Stephan "Increase in police in NYC subway fails to put dent in crime, but leads to more arrests for low-level violations, particularly of people of color."

For Chicagoland folks, powerful Sun-Times op ed by Lee Bey
on the transformative potential, equity rationale, and Chi collective benefits of the Red Line Ext. Calls for Council approval of the TIF.

I've updated the list of #urbanplanning #cities #transport accounts to follow on Mastodon.

New feature allows you to export a CSV file and import the accounts you want to follow directly into Mastodon.

Check it out here:

#planning #transit #urbanism


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